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Joel Fenske

Hi, I am excited to assist businesses, schools, and various companies in making the right technology choice - and assisting/training them to use our products to their maximum potential. In college, I studied Communications at Liberty University, where I met my wife of 13 years, Marcie. At home, I enjoy spending time with my three girls (Emma, Juliana, Allison) and my little boy, Isaac.

If you have a question or need assistance call me at 1-800-455-8898

Contact Info

Kokomo Location

1915. E. North St.,
Kokomo, IN 46903


T: 765.457.9137
F: 765.459.4116


Lafayette Location

2723 Old Romney Rd.
Lafayette, IN 47909


T: 765.474.6115
F: 765.474.6071


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